NeurIPS 2023 D&B
Jieming Cui1,2,*, Ziren Gong3,*, Baoxiong Jia2,*, Siyuan Huang2, Zilong Zheng2, Jianzhu Ma3,4, Yixin Zhu1,2,5
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The challenge of replicating research results has posed a significant impediment to the field of molecular biology. The advent of modern intelligent systems has led to notable progress in various domains. Consequently, we embarked on an investigation of intelligent monitoring systems as a means of tackling the issue of the reproducibility crisis. Specifically, we first curate a comprehensive multimodal dataset, named ProBio, as an initial step towards this objective. This dataset comprises fine-grained hierarchical annotations intended for the purpose of studying activity understanding in Molecular Biology Lab (BioLab). Next, we devise two challenging benchmarks, transparent solution tracking and multimodal action recognition, to emphasize the unique characteristics and difficulties associated with activity understanding in BioLab settings. Finally, we provide a thorough experimental evaluation of contemporary video understanding models and highlight their limitations in this specialized domain to identify potential avenues for future research. We hope ProBio with associated benchmarks may garner increased focus on modern AI techniques in the realm of molecular biology.


ProBio Dataset

Figure 1. Visualization of the ambiguous actions in BioLab.
Figure 2. Part-to-whole & Ambigutiy distribution.


Task description

We show activities recorded (right) and their corresponding protocols (left). HOI annotations are visualized in the top row. The bottom row gives an example of how knowledge in protocols guides (i) the recognition of actions (in red) given matched actions (green) and (ii) tracking the transparent solution status (blue).

Result visualization

Multimodal action recognition (MultiAR)

Transparent solution tracking (TransST)


Our dataset is distributed under the CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) license. You can download our dataset from Link here.


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